5A Novelty - Sold on internet and did not ship item

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I bought something from a company called 5A Novelty out of Florida that was selling on Craigslist.I sent payment to them and they were to ship within 10 days.

I waited 15 days and still have not got item. I have tried to contact the company through phone calls and E-mails numereous times, but they will not respond. Therefore they appear to be a scam. I aslo saw something on the internet that this company may be a scam.

Please post to warn other people not to buy from this company.The owners name is Ben and he employes from 1 to 5 people, from what I saw under company profiles on the internet.

Review about: P90X.



I purchased the Zumba on 2/8/12, still have not received it. I have e-mailed twice, and left a voice message at a number that appears on my bank statement for the business. No response to date.


I was ripped off by this company as well.On january 12th I saw an ad on Craigslist for discounted workout programs.

I purchased the zumba which was around 75 with shipping. I received emails to confirm my purchase as well as a legitimately looking email confirming shipment. Upon speaking with USPS I was informed that this email was no more than a confirmation that a label was printed. I became concerned when days later the tracking number turned up no more progress of my package.

I emailed "dale" at 5anovelty.com and was told he would look into why I haven't gotten my package. Days and emails later I was informed the post office lost my package and that a new one was being shipped- coincidentally with the exact same tracking number which the post office verified is more than highly unlikely. They are insisting they sent my product and that I can not have my money back until I return it to them.

I have initiated a fraud investigation with my bank and hope you all did the same!I work hard for my money and was extremely disapointed :(


I also bough p90x on Dec.30, paid the extra $15 express shipping and have not received my order.

anyone doing anything about it?I have called and emaild and have not gotten a response either way!


I can confirm. I also purchased "Insanity" from 5A Novelty. Ordered on 12/19 and still have not received the product.

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